"With the sweat of humanity and the love of God, beer came to the world."

St. Arnoldus


Main ingredient and base of all beers

Cereal malt

Responsible for the color and source of sweet flavors


Participant in the conservation and author of bitterness


Causative of fermentation to create alcohol and gas

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What is ABV, IBU and EBC?

The brewing world is full of technicalities, and since the origin of the craft movement, they are used more frequently. Today you can take a can of beer and, apart from its alcohol content, ...

Belgian Blond Ale

Ale beer originally from Belgium. Bright and golden color, fruity and spicy aromas from Belgian yeast, slight malt sweetness and easy to drink. Its color derives from the Pils malt ...

How to serve a beer

Mastering the technique of how to serve a beer allows the correct formation of foam, which is necessary to protect the beer from oxidation and to prevent excessive escape of CO2. That too ...


24 de Noviembre de 2020

Groove metal band Pantera will have their own beer

The Texas Ale Project microbrewery has announced the birth of a new beer in collaboration with the Pantera musical group, which was founded in the same state where the factory is located, in Texas, United States. The beer will be a Golden Ale of 5.4% ABV, made with Casc hops ...

Beer of the week

Porter Baltique

Porter Baltique

LTM – Les Trois Mousquetaires

Baltic Porter · 10% ABV · 27 IBU


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Beer Sommelier specialized in beer. Researcher of a scientific project on innovation in beer fermentation. Amateur homebrewer.


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Ingeniero de Recursos Energéticos y Ciencia y Tecnología Nuclear

Beer lover with lemon and without alcohol. Expert in throwing beer with a lot of foam. Cruzcampo specialist.

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