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Gin Beer

Cocktail recipe A variation of the classic Gin Tonic, one of the most versioned cocktails. In this case, the tonic is replaced by an IPA-style beer, which provides more flavor and more alcoholic intensity, while maintaining the bitterness and freshness of this cocktail. The most recommended style of beer is American IPA, and especially the Session IPA style or a Brut IPA with a not very high alcohol content, around ...

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Classification Lager

Bohemian Pilsen

Lager beer originally from the Czech Republic. Refreshing and balanced, with a slightly sweet malt character reminiscent of biscuits or breadcrumbs and the presence of hops from European varieties that leaves a medium-level bitterness, clean and ...

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Ale Classification

India Pale Ale (IPA)

Ale beer originally from the United Kingdom. It has a high hop content, so the hoppy character must always be present both in the nose and in the mouth. It is a moderately strong beer, bitter and with a dry finish, ...

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Science and Technology

Tangential flow filtration

After the fermentation and maturation of the beer, there is the option of filtering and / or pasteurizing it, very common practices in industrial breweries, but also used by some craft breweries. In the case of filtration, the objective is to remove the solid remains found in the beer matrix, especially yeast, to achieve a bright and more organoleptically stable beer. There are several types of filtration, but one of the newest is ...

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Emil Christian Hansen

In the second half of the 19th century, it was common for breweries to have scientific employees in their research and development departments. At this stage, great advances were made within the brewing world that allowed the production of ...

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Beer of the week

Punk IPA

Punk IPA BrewDog American IPA · 5.6% ABV · 35 IBU The beer that started it all. With Punk IPA, James Watt and Martin Dickie began their journey through the ‘Craft’ world and achieved fame, with the aim of…

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The best Playlist to drink Beer

They say that any experience accompanied by music can be magical, some studies suggest that music improves the growth and development of plants, that it is capable of treating depression or that it stimulates the ingenuity of children. As Plato said: "Music is for the soul what gymnastics is for the body." And another of his skills is to help us enjoy a beer even more. That's why at PintaBeer ...

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Origin of beer

The creation of alcoholic beverages dates back to human prehistory, but there is evidence that beer was not the first alcoholic beverage to be made. Fermented drinks were first originated from ...

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