Belgian Blond Ale

Belgian Blond Ale

Ale beer originally from Belgium. Bright and golden color, fruity and spicy aromas from Belgian yeast, slight malt sweetness and easy to drink. Its color derives from the Belgian Pils malt that is used as a base. In its preparation it is traditional to add sugar as an adjunct, to increase the alcoholic degree, without increasing the body of the beer. In Belgium it is very common to use candi sugar for this purpose. It can be called Blond, from the Dutch, or Blonde, from the French.

Appearance: Generally of an intense golden color, it can vary from pale to light amber. Bright appearance. Good carbonation, which forms a white, consistent, persistent and dense foam.

Aroma: Subtle aroma of fruity esters, which may remind of citrus fruits, balanced with spicy phenols. Light sweet grain character from malt. The hop aroma is very low and adds earthy and spicy touches.

Taste: At the beginning it is sweet, with a grain flavor of moderate or low intensity, there may be some sugar flavor reminiscent of caramel, and it ends with a dry feeling. Fruity esters and spicy phenols from fermentation are appreciated. The hop flavor is very low, being able to contribute earthy notes, and the bitterness is low to very low. In the versions with a higher alcohol content, some alcohol is appreciated that provides a warm sensation. Carbonation is high, leaving a slightly bubbly sensation. Medium body.


ABV: 6,2% - 7,9%

IBU: 15 – 30

EBC: 8 – 13,8

Service mode

Temperature: 7 – 9 °C

Tableware: Tulip cup, chalice cup

Business examples

Affligem Blonde, Leffe Blond, La Trappe Blond.

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