What is better? Drink beer in a can, bottle or glass?

Although among the three options one is the most appropriate, each one has a preference, and on some occasions there are those who become faithful defenders. We are not going to refer to how beer is best preserved, but the advantages and disadvantages of each option when it comes to drinking.



    We start with the can. Perhaps one of the most despised containers, although the best for preserving certain styles of beer. One of its advantages is that it is made of aluminum, which is a very good thermal conductor, and allows us to cool the beer in a short time. It also prevents breakage in the event of blows or it falls to the ground, one of the reasons why master brewers were inclined towards this container in their time.

    Beber cerveza en lata.

    But many agree on one thing, canned beer tastes like metal. This is going to happen as long as you drink straight from the can, of course. Keep in mind that if you drink from a can, you are continuously smelling and sucking metal, in addition to being unsanitary, since the outside of the can is exposed to all kinds of contaminants and distributors are not going to worry about cleaning and sanitizing the can. If this container has not suffered blows, nor has it been exposed to high temperatures, nor directly to the sun, the beer when served in another container does not have to have metallic odors or flavors. If you have them, even if the can has been kept in good condition, it could be due to faults during production. It is clear that due to hygiene and alteration in the organoleptic properties of beer, it is not the most suitable option to drink directly.


    Let's go now with the bottle. One of the most faithful packaging. The bottle, being made of glass, a very inert material, does not interact in the taste or aroma of the beer if we drink directly from it. In addition, when the beer is inside, it is less exposed to the environment and it retains its temperature for longer and will take longer to oxidize. It seems all advantages, but the bottle prevents you from enjoying many characteristics of the beer. For starters, you can't see the liquid, so you won't be able to appreciate the color, look or fizz of the beer, not to mention the head, which in some styles is a real wonder. You cannot smell beer either, one of its key properties, and in those styles with complex aromas, full of nuances, fruity, phenolic, etc. you will miss it all.

    Beber cerveza en botella.

    Another factor to take into account is that by not pouring the beer, no foam has been produced and the gas is not released, so all the carbon dioxide contained in the beer will go directly to the stomach, causing greater stomach bloating. . Not only that, but the carbonic gas also acidifies the liquids in which it is dissolved, which will make the beer taste more acidic than normal. The use of the bottle to drink directly can be discussed in cases where you want to drink beer only to refresh yourself, regardless of the qualities of the beer, as is often the case with the Pale Lager style. But we warn of one thing, drinking a complex beer directly from the bottle, carefully elaborated and full of aromas, in the beer world is a real crime. And the same goes for the can. If you have not been convinced yet, we propose a reflection, what image does it give to see a person drink a wine directly from the bottle?


    In this case, it is worth both a glass and a glass, it is indifferent. Before defending this container, say that if you go to any country with a deep and ancient beer culture, such as Belgium or Germany, it will be rare for you to see someone drinking directly from a can or bottle, and you will see glasses and goblets. of beer of all types, sizes and even colors. Because in addition to having advanced knowledge on how to make beer, they also have it on how to drink it. The vast majority of breweries that have already reached a certain development, the next step they take is to also make their own tableware, so that their brews can be tasted in all their splendor.

    Beber cerveza en vaso.

    The glass allows you to appreciate all the attributes of the beer: appearance, aroma and flavor. Likewise, there are different tableware designs for certain styles of beer to maximize their organoleptic properties. It is essential that the glass is always clean, so as not to alter the aroma and flavor of the beer and allow proper foam formation. The use of the glass is not only a matter of opinion, but also a recommendation from the manufacturer himself. Even so, it is possible to see some advertisements for beer companies in which people appear drinking directly from the bottle, but it is only for marketing strategies and for succumbing to the customs of a certain audience, although it is not something that can be seen in all parts of the world. It is a paradox that a company manufactures specialized tableware for its beers and at the same time shows its product by drinking directly from a bottle.

    The container that most respects beer when drinking is undoubtedly the glass. And from here another question arises, frozen or unfrozen glass? We leave it for another article.

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