How do I find the beer I want?

Many times you will find beer reviews with excellent descriptions, valuing them as real delicacies. Your mouth is watering and you're looking forward to trying it, but… "Where can I find that beer? I've never seen it in my usual breweries or in the supermarket next to my house." And the thing is, the range of beers on the market is already infinite and in ordinary shops they cannot cover so much variety, in addition to the fact that the most traditional and ordinary beers are always usually found, with some craft or imported specialty.

¿Cómo encuentro la cerveza que quiero entre tanta variedad?

    Online shopping

    To be able to buy any beer there is always the internet resource. Just find the website of the brewery that produces that beer and buy it from their online store. There are also specialized stores or distributors that sell beer only online. Another alternative is the almighty Amazon, where you can find a wide variety of beers, as well as accessories such as glasses of that beer or packs with several bottles plus a glass, even merchandising from the brewery to which it belongs, such as coasters, openers. , t-shirts, etc. The problem with this type of purchase is that shipping costs can be expensive, normally you have to buy at least four or more bottles for the purchase to be profitable and obtaining the product is not immediate.

    Specialty shops and breweries

    Thanks to the boom in 'craft' beers, there has also been a boom in specialized stores, as well as breweries, pubs, brewpubs, etc. In the case of specialized stores, it is common for them to have more than 300 references, and in the breweries for craft and imported beers they usually have the latest news on the beer market. But this alternative also has its limitations, since these types of establishments are usually only found in municipalities with a minimum population and many of them are concentrated in large cities. In towns and rural areas, they are conspicuous by their absence. Also, the same problem reappears as before, where do I find these stores and breweries?

    Cervecerías especializadas para encontrar la cerveza que quiero

    Untappd app

    Fortunately, there is someone who has been concerned with this dilemma. It is the Untappd application, available for Android and iOS. Its main function is that any user of the application can rate a beer they have tasted, and then take an average score for each beer. But it has other functions, and the one we are most interested in now is locating a beer or establishment specializing in beers.

    First you need to download the application and register, it does not require much effort and the procedure is simple.

    Aplicación Untappd

    Once inside the application, we find a main screen with various functions. First we are going to find out how to find the beer that interests us. At the top of the main screen we will find a search bar, in it we have to type the name of the beer we want.

    Barra de búsqueda en Untappd

    Let's take as an example one of our beers of the week, Tripel Karmeliet. We type its name in the search bar and a display of various options will appear. We click on the option that interests us.

    Seleccionar una cerveza en Untappd

    Once we press, the tab of the selected beer will appear on the screen, with all kinds of information about it. On this screen we have several options: register the beer, view information about the brewery, etc., but the function to locate that beer is the "FIND IT" function, which appears just below a small technical sheet of the beer. We press that option.

    Encontrar una cerveza en Untappd

    Next, a list will appear with establishments, either stores or breweries, that are registered in the application and that have that beer available in their portfolio. By default, these establishments will appear from the closest to the furthest, but we can apply the filters we want. Now we can select the establishment that we want to see its file. In this case, we will press the first option, which is the closest.

    Encontrar locales especializados en cerveza con Untappd

    Within the establishment's file we will find information of all kinds, such as other beers that are available, but the option that interests us the most is the address, which we will find in the "DETAILS" section.

    Localizar la dirección de un local especializado en cerveza con Untappd

    If we want to see the location of that establishment on a map, we just have to click on the address and then click on "Open in Google Maps", or in the maps application that we have. The maps application will open with the location of the establishment.

    Aplicación de mapas para localizar un local especializado en cerveza

    And that's all! We already have our beer located. We only have to go to that establishment to have one or, in the case of being a store, compare it to taste it wherever we want.

    Now, we are going to look for the nearest specialty stores and breweries that we have, to be able to buy or try any other beer they have at their disposal. To do this, we return to the main screen of the application and, among the options that appear at the bottom, click on “Maps”. A map will appear from our location point, but we can move the map to the area we want or zoom in to view a larger area. All the establishments that serve or sell beer will be marked on the map. We choose the one we like the most and click on the box with its description.

    Mapa de Untappd señalando locales especializados en cerveza

    In addition to being able to see the address of the establishment, we can also see a list of the beers they have available, or in case they do not have that list, we can see the beers that Untappd users have registered in that location. If there is a special one that you want to try, you just have to go there and buy it.

    Listado de cerveza en un local especializado registrado en Untappd

    It may be the case that you are looking for a beer and it is not located anywhere. Keep in mind that there are beers that are seasonal and are not available all year round, or that their production is very limited and is sold out until the next batch, or that it is a special edition and is not re-brewed, or simply, that is discontinued or the brewery no longer exists, something that sometimes happens with microbreweries. But if you are patient, you can try any beer you want. Cheers!

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