Groove metal band Pantera will have their own beer

The Texas Ale Project microbrewery has announced the birth of a new beer in collaboration with the Pantera musical group, which was founded in the same state where the factory is located, in Texas, United States. The beer will be a 5.4% ABV Golden Ale, made with Cascade and Citra hops. At the moment, the brewing company has only shown its new product in a 355 ml can format, with the name and logo of the band. It will be the first beer to honor the Pantera group.

Brewmaster and Texas Ale Project founder Brent Thompson said, “We love making good Ale’s and we enjoy all kinds of music. We are very excited to unite these two passions under our roof, this time in collaboration with the almighty Pantera. I couldn't be more excited about this project. " Pantera Golden Ale will be available in the market starting March 2021 in stores in Texas and for direct shipping from the United States.

The American band Pantera was founded in 1981 in Arlington, Texas. Their style varied over the years, until they rose to fame when they embraced groove metal in 1990 with their album Cowboys from Hell . The group finally disbanded in 2003, seeing their reunion frustrated with the death of two of its members. However, the spirit of the band is kept alive with the remastering of their songs and with anniversary editions of their legendary albums, as well as initiatives for their fans, such as the launch of this new beer.

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