Porter Baltique

Porter Baltique

LTM – Les Trois Mousquetaires

Baltic Porter · 10% ABV · 27 IBU

Porter Baltique

Three colleagues who worked in a tobacco plant, Sylvain Plourde, Sylvain Lavertu and Daniel Pion, were unemployed due to the closure of the factory. It was then that they decided to enter the world of craft beer, founding their microbrewery in 2004 in Brossard, Canada, called Les Trois Mousquetaires. A few months later, the fourth musketeer, Jonathan Lafortune, the factory's current brewmaster, entered. At first, they brewed beers of classic German styles, but over time they began to expand their variety, until Porter Baltique was born, a strong and dark lager beer, inspired by the Porter beers of the regions around the Baltic Sea. Made with seven different varieties of Nugget and Cascade malt and hops. Its most recognized beer, winner of numerous awards and considered the best Baltic Porter in the world.

Tasting note

Appearance: Very dark brown, almost black, which gives it an almost opaque appearance. Creamy beige head, not very persistent.

Aroma: Complex and nuanced. The smell of chocolate is present along with that of coffee beans. It is complemented by notes of vanilla, caramel and raisins, which provide sweet memories. Finish with an accompanying smoky finish.

Taste: The feeling is warm for its graduation. The sweet flavor predominates, with fruity notes of cherry, plum, fig and black fruits. Flavors of toffee and rye bread follow. The light bitter touches are reminiscent of coffee and dark chocolate. Leaves a subtle smoky finish. Full-bodied and creamy beer with weak carbonation. A delicacy to savor slowly.

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