Black Velvet

Cocktail recipe

Black Velvet. Cocktail de cerveza.

According to popular tradition, this cocktail was first created at the end of 1861, at the Brooks' Club in London. The date coincides with the death of Prince Albert, husband of Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom. After the death of her husband, Queen Victoria banned the consumption of champagne on the day of the funeral, as it was considered a celebratory drink. According to legend, the members of the Brooks' Club wanted to rebel against this rule, and in order to serve and drink champagne without being discovered, they mixed it with dark beer so that it could not be seen. The mixture turned out to be a success and the cocktail still lasts to this day, being called Black Velvet. To gain aesthetics, the cocktail is prepared today by forming three layers, one of champagne or cava, another of black beer and another of foam. These days it is usually made with Guinness dark beer, but you can choose any Stout or Porter style beer.


  • 100 ml of Stout or Porter beer.
  • 100 ml of champagne, cava or sparkling wine.


Use a flute-type glass. First the champagne is poured. Then, place a mixing spoon on top of the champagne, very close to the surface, and gently pour the beer over it, avoiding mixing with the champagne. There should be a layer of champagne on the bottom, a layer of stout in the middle, and a layer of foam on the top. As the cocktail is drunk, the two drinks will be mixed.


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