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A variation of the classic Gin Tonic, one of the most versioned cocktails. In this case, the tonic is replaced by an IPA-style beer, which provides more flavor and more alcoholic intensity, while maintaining the bitterness and freshness of this cocktail. The most recommended style of beer is American IPA, and especially the Session IPA style or a Brut IPA with a not very high alcohol content, around 6% ABV, so that the bitterness is more marked and clean, without the graduation of the cocktail. is too high. The gin can be of the variety that you like the most, but a Dry Gin is recommended to make the cocktail more refreshing and digestive.


  • 200 ml of IPA beer. Recommended style Session IPA or Brut IPA.
  • 50 ml of Geneva. Recommended Seagram’s Extra Dry Gin.
  • A lemon or a lime.
  • Cubed ice.


Use a high-foot ball cup. Add 4 or 5 ice cubes, shake them in a circle with a mixing spoon to cool the glass and then remove the excess water. Cut two slices of lemon or lime and place them between the ice in the glass. Pour 50 ml of gin and then 200 ml of IPA style beer, it is not essential to foam. Give a little twist with the mixing spoon to mix the ingredients. Cut a strip of lemon or lime peel, spiral it and place it on top to decorate.

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